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The Bouncer Battle Screens

GameSpot continues its coverage of The Bouncer with the first battle screens and information on two new characters.


Today GameSpot brings you further updates on Square's upcoming PS2 game, The Bouncer. The battle scene in the game lets the player control one of three characters - Sion, Volt, or Kou. The remaining two characters will be controlled by AI to assist the player in battle. However, only the human-controlled character will gain experience points in battle.

Square has also revealed two new characters in the game - Kaldea Orchid and Dauragon C. Mikado. Dauragon is the leader of a large international corporation called Mikado and is responsible for the kidnapping of one of the lead characters, Dominique. He has had prior relations with Volt, but details of that are not known at this time. Kaldea is Dauragon's secretary, who happens to have had some prior relations with Sion.

Part of Mikado Corporation's plan is to launch a satellite into orbit to absorb solar rays and to convert them into energy for worldwide distribution. The relationship between this project and Dauragon's kidnapping of Dominique is not known.

The Bouncer for the PS2 will be released within fiscal year 2000 in Japan.

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