The Bloody Magic details

SkyFallen Entertainment releases the first information on its upcoming medieval RPG for the PC and Xbox. New screens inside.


SkyFallen Entertainment has recently released the first information on The Bloody Magic, which is currently in development for the PC, with an Xbox version planned for a later date. The role-playing game is rather unusual in that the only class of character available for players is a magician. Variety instead comes in the form of at least 12 different specialized fields of magic.

The storyline in The Bloody Magic focuses on the search for an immortal named Modo, who, after being made to live on Earth as a mortal as punishment for his crimes in the afterlife, is determined to destroy the planet so that he can never be punished in the same way again. Intriguingly, players will have the option to side with Modo as he attempts to destroy Earth rather than go up against him, depending on which alignment they choose. Gameplay in The Bloody Magic will be largely combat-based, and the game will feature five different difficulty levels to encourage players to play through the game more than once as their character's experience and spells continue to improve.

In addition to the single-player game, The Bloody Magic will boast a number of multiplayer features, including cooperative play, two-player duels, and deathmatch-style games for large numbers of players. Further information on The Bloody Magic is scarce at present, but we'll bring you more on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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