The BioWare Geese Have Hatched and Are on Their Way, Watch the Video Here

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BioWare's goose-themed livestream event has come to an end. In April, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer started livestreaming a nesting goose, and now the eggs have hatched.

On April 28, six goslings hatched from their nest on top of BioWare's Edmonton office. Their parents are named Ganders and Arishonk, but no word yet on baby names.

"The goslings embarked on what seemed like a suicide mission—descending four stories to safety under the supervision of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton, and their parents, Ganders and the Arishonk," BioWare said in the video's description (via Polygon).

You can see a documentation of the journey through the video below, which even has dramatic music. More information about the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton can be found here.

In BioWare news not related to geese, Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah is teasing something new.

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