The Binding of Isaac nearing 450,000 downloads

Super Meat Boy designer's $5 shoot-'em-up closing in on half-platinum status; developer calls tally "absurd."


The Binding of Isaac

Selling half a million copies is no little feat for any game, even for some with high staff counts. But for Edmund McMillen's Binding of Isaac, reaching that figure is nearly a reality, and he has done it with minimal headcount.

What will McMillen think of next?
What will McMillen think of next?

In an interview with industry news site Gamasutra, McMillen (who co-created Super Meat Boy) revealed that The Binding of Isaac has sold nearly 450,000 units since its debut last September.

"It's pretty absurd," he said. "It's just ridiculous, there's no reason for this game to have done well. It's nice for everyone involved."

Talking about the game's initial release, McMillen said, "I came to the conclusion that I'd put it up for $5, and if people don't like it they don't have to buy it. Then it just f**king blew up. I didn't know, I didn't expect it."

The Binding of Isaac is a genre-twisting downloadable game that has players controlling a child named Isaac who must escape the clutches of his mother, who is trying to kill him. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of The Binding of Isaac.

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