The Bible Game E3 2005 Hands-On

Biblical trivia is coming to your PS2 and GBA. We find out what in the gee whiz this game is all about.


Bible trivia may not sound like the most immediately obvious choice for a PlayStation 2 or Game Boy Advance game, but Crave Entertainment seems convinced that its new offering, The Bible Game, is going to be an enjoyable product for those looking for family-friendly entertainment. So, what in God's name is The Bible Game all about? It depends on what platform you're playing it on, but generally speaking, it's all about answering Bible trivia questions in varying types of formats. We went hands-on with both versions of the game, straight from the E3 2005 show floor.

The PlayStation 2 version of The Bible Game uses something of a gameshow format, complete with four characters onscreen behind Jeopardy-like podiums, and a peppy host asking the questions. Questions in The Bible Game will cover any number of things from the Old Testament. There are around 1,500 questions in the game, and you're graded both on getting the question correct and on how long it takes you to answer it correctly. Obviously, whoever has the most points at the end wins the game.

Apart from normal trivia, there are also a number of different minigames you can play with varying types of Bible themes. For instance, there's a great flood game where you have to match two of every animal in a row of different animals that slide across the screen. There's also a David and Goliath game where you use a slingshot to take down wooden targets shaped like soldiers. The most enjoyable one we saw was a rail-based race where you're in the recently parted Red Sea, and you have to run through the parted section, dodging objects and avoiding hitting the ocean wall, lest you be forced to start back behind the pack.

The GBA version is a little bit different. It's still a trivia game, but it's more adventure based. You'll walk around one of seven different levels, looking for what are called deceivers. These deceivers will quiz you on your Bible knowledge, and if you answer all the questions correctly, you earn a piece of a cross puzzle. Levels include a forest, a snowy area, and even hell. Crave wasn't quite forthcoming about whether or not you battle Satan at the end in a war of Bible knowledge, but we can dream.

All told, The Bible Game seemed like a fairly vanilla, family-oriented product that, while obviously appealing to religious folks, doesn't seem to beat you over the head with the whole religion thing. So if you just happen to know your Bible trivia and aren't into organized religion, The Bible Game won't try to convert you--at least, that's the impression we got from our time with it. The Bible Game is due to rain down from the heavens onto store shelves this October. We'll bring you more on the game as it becomes available.

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