The Best Xbox One Deals Of The Week On The Microsoft Store

Save, don't spend.

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If you've beaten all the games you've been playing or are simply on the lookout for something new, you'll be pleased to hear a fresh set of digital Xbox One games is on sale on the Microsoft Store. Note that most of this week's sale items fall in the Deals with Gold category, which means you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to take advantage of them. With that out of the way, here's what's on sale between now and October 15.

The list of Xbox One game deals is surprisingly short this week, but it contains a few gems. Among them is Red Dead Redemption, a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game that runs flawlessly on Xbox One. If you hurry, you might be able to play through the whole thing before Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on October 26. Though RDR2 is a prequel, you can expect plenty of tie-ins between the two games.

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Also on sale is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is discounted to $45 / £41 this week for Gold members. It caps off Lara Croft's latest trilogy as she rushes to stop an apocalypse that her raiding of tombs set into motion. Check out our Shadow of the Tomb Raider review for details.

Other games of interest include the charming puzzle-platformer Unravel 2 for $15 / £13.50 (and if you haven't played the first installment, you can pick up both games for $20 / £16). Those looking to spend as little as possible can grab the artful puzzle game The Bridge or the surprisingly addictive word game Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered for $3 / £2.40 each, or Ubisoft's fairy tale-like RPG Child of Light for $4.50 / £3.60.

If none of those deals appeal to you, US customers can take a look at Best Buy's sale this week, where you'll find deals on some great physical Xbox One games.

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