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The Best Xbox Modular Controller Is $40 Off At Amazon

The limited editon Forza Horizon 5 Thrustmaster Eswap XR is like a dozen pro controllers in one.


The official Forza Horizon 5 edition of the Thrustmaster Eswap XR is on sale for just $140 (normally $180) at Amazon. That's the lowest price yet for the Xbox Series X's best modular controller.

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The Thrustmaster Eswap XR is a wired pro controller built specifically for Xbox Series X|S, though it also supports PC. The gamepad's main feature is its modular design. It ships with thumbstick and D-pad modules you can swap into any of the controller's three slots on the fly without extra tools. The Forza Horizon 5 edition also includes a unique "wheel" module designed for racing games that can replace one of the controller's sticks or D-Pad, and a unique white, red, and black color scheme.

Unlike the membrane-based buttons of a standard controller, the Thrustmaster Eswap uses mechanical switches, similar to a mechanical keyboard. Coupled with the wired connection, this allows for lower input response from button presses, which can help increase your in-game performance.

The Thrustmaster Eswap XR also features four programmable rear buttons and two pre-made button layouts built into the controller you can hot-swap between.

We're not sure how long this $40 discount deal on the Forza Horizon 5 edition Thrustmaster Eswap XR will last, so be sure to grab the controller from Amazon while it's still on sale.

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