Call Of Duty-Themed PS5 Modular Controller Is Available Now

The perfect pro controller for competitive shooters, fighting games, and more.


Our favorite third-party PS5 pro-style controller, the PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless, now has limited-edition variant based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Announced earlier this month, the eye-catching controller launched today, July 24. Though it's currently listed as "temporarily out of stock" at Amazon, you can still place your order. If interested, we'd suggest ordering soon, because there's no telling when the controller will be out of stock for good.

While its features are identical to the standard Victrix Pro BFG, the Call of Duty model features an exclusive gold and black color scheme and costs $200 (versus the $180 standard edition). The Victrix Pro BFG was designed with the PS5 in mind, but it has wireless support for PC and PS4, too.

We're serious when we say the Victrix Pro BFG is one of the best PS5 gamepads. As Steven Petite says in our Victrix Pro BFG review, "The wealth of customization options make the Victrix Pro BFG ideal for all genres of games, not just shooters–which tend to be the focus of most pro-style controllers. It has great ergonomics and high-level performance regardless of which layout or modules you use." We're confident this new Call of Duty version will be just as good.

That said, if you want to save $20 (or aren't interested in the Call of Duty branding) the standard Victrix Pro BFG is also available for $180 at Amazon,

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