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The Best Singing Wrestlers, What Makes A Great Stable, And More | Wrestle Buddies Episode 6

This week on Wrestle Buddies, we're talking about the best stables ever, our favorite singing wrestlers, and the role of the jobber. Plus your questions are answered!


This week on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast, Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring are covering a lot of ground by digging deep into three different topics and answering questions from listeners. Beyond that, this episode finally gives Mat a platform to gush about his love for cursed WCW boy band 3 Count.

First, we look at what it takes to make a great stable in the wrestling industry. From D-Generation X to the Four Horsemen, there is no end to the iconic groups of wrestlers that have made tuning in each week fun for as far back as we can remember. What are the requirements needed to create a stable that will stand the test of time? And are there exceptions to the rules? And is New Day a stable or tag team? These questions and more are all addressed.

Next up, it's time to look back on the best singing wrestlers. It's a practically perfect heel gimmick that has worked time and again for everyone from Honkey Tonk Man to The Rock, and we naturally have our favorites. Spoilers: Mat really cannot get enough of 3 Count, even if he doesn't remember who Evan Karagias is.

Then, it's time to head to class for Wrestling 101. In this session, we learn all about the role of the jobber in professional wrestling and revisit some of our favorites. Jobbers are lovable losers and while it's a mostly lost art in 2020, it's hard to imagine pro wrestling without them.

Lastly, we gathered questions from listeners. Some are silly, some are serious, some are very silly and we have answers for them all. If you'd like to submit a question for a future episode, just send them via email to

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