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The Best PS4 Controller (August 2020): Elite-Style Controllers, Fight Sticks, And More

Here are the best PS4 controllers we've tried, including Elite-style controllers, fight sticks, and more.


The PS4 has had an excellent generation, despite its slow start when it came to must-play exclusive games. But while those big marquee exclusives trickled out slowly, the PS4 held on by delivering the best console versions of most third-party games. Now, the PS4 is knocking out multiple big exclusives every year, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us Part II in 2020. Throughout the PS4's lifespan, however, Sony's DualShock 4 has proven the best wireless controller to experience all of the PS4's games with--especially since all it takes is the push of a button to share incredible moments like a hilarious glitch or beating a Bloodborne boss without getting touched.

The DualShock 4 is a great pad, and it's a good enough controller for Fortnite and the like, but looking at what Microsoft is doing with Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers, it can feel a little disappointing not having an official PS4 Elite controller to really elevate the PS4 gaming experience. Sony recently released a back-button accessory that maps two of the DualShock 4's buttons and lets you keep your thumbs on the analog sticks when you want to crouch, jump, reload, or anything in between. However, it doesn't bridge the gap completely, and the battery on the DualShock 4 eventually means you have to use whatever controller charger you have lying around just to play longer sessions. If you're looking for an alternative for the best PS4 controller, there are plenty of great third-party PS4 controller options.

When it comes to the best PS4 controller not made by Sony itself, Scuf has a couple of great pads in the Infinity4PS Pro and the Vantage 2, both of which feature back paddles and a number of other excellent customizable parts--you can even replace the Infinity4PS Pro's trigger buttons with clicky, mouse-like buttons. Razer also has a pair of great controllers that feature extra buttons, multiple configuration profiles, and trigger stops. And those are just a few of the best options for the PS4 controller we have on this list.

There are also controller options that work really well with one type of game in mind. Fight pads and fight sticks are made for a very specific genre, and die-hard fighting game fans looking for the best experience would do well picking one of these up. Razer has an excellent fighting pad in the Raion and a great fight stick in the Panthera Evo, while Victrix hits the high-end with the incredible Arcade Pro FS stick. We've tested a number of great controllers, pads, and sticks and rounded up the very best PS4 controllers here.

The best PS4 controllers we've tested
The best PS4 controllers we've tested

Will PS4 controllers be compatible with PS5?

Yes and no. Sony has confirmed that while PS4 controllers will technically work with the PS5 console, they won't be compatible with PS5 games. This means you'll only be able to play PS4 games with your old controllers, but not new ones. This might disincentivize you from buying a new controller, but if you're looking for a more dedicated controller for a specific game (like a fightstick or fightpad), you might take comfort in knowing it won't go to waste once you start playing your favorite game on the Sony's upcoming console. For all PS5 games, you'll need to use the DualSense controller and approved third-party accessories made specifically for the PS5, as Sony wants players to experience the unique features of the DualSense in conjunction with its first-party games.

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Quick look: The best PS4 controller to buy in 2020

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