The Best New Star Wars Character Has The Best New Concept Art

Protect them at all costs.


There's a lot to like about Disney+'s first streaming Star Wars show The Mandalorian. It's got all the cool, spaghetti western vibes you could ever ask for, a great soundtrack, an interesting cast of characters, and a budget that keeps the entire thing looking slick. But all of that is just a dim second to the single most important addition The Mandalorian has made to Star Wars canon: Baby Yoda. And it's our lucky day because showrunner Jon Favreau has just shared a look at the original concept art of the world's cutest and best bundle of Muppet-y green joy, proving undoubtedly that Baby Yoda really has been the best since birth--or, at least since the show's pre-production.

Not much is known about Baby Yoda just yet, but that's not too surprising. Only two episodes of The Mandalorian have been released with a third on the way this Friday. We can only hope that the show will continue to give us the goods--sure, bounty hunting may be a complicated profession, but intergalactic babysitting is definitely more complicated, and honestly, we'd be down to watch an entire season of Pedro Pascal being a cool masked gunslinger while toting around a tiny green puppet. That alone is worth Disney+'s monthly subscription fee.

The Mandalorian airs on Fridays on Disney+. We've also published our Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review.

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