The Best Curved Monitors

These curved monitors will make your games more immersive than ever.


Curved monitors offer a more immersive, and in some cases more comfortable, gameplay experience than most flatscreen displays. The wide aspect ratios on these displays show more of the game, while the curved screen puts the action in your peripheral vision so you can keep better tabs on more of your surroundings. And with gaming-friendly tech like super high refresh rates and low response times now standard on most monitors in general, it’s never been better to grab a curved monitor for your desk.

If you have the space for one, that is.

Curved monitors can take up a lot of desk space, especially ultrawide and super-ultrawide models, but it’s a simpler and more elegant setup than running multiple displays at once (unless you need two dedicated monitors for work or streaming, of course).

To help you find a new display that fits your desk and your budget, here are our picks for the best curved monitors available right now. Our list includes monitors with multiple display types and aspect ratios, including 16:9, 21:9, and even 32:9. We also made sure to include models with USB pass-through and other cable management features that help if you need to rearrange your desk to make room for these large displays.

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