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The Best Competitive PS5 Controller Now Has Tons Of Customization Options

From faceplate colors and thumbstick height to trigger styles and more, the Scuf Reflex is now fully customizable.


The Scuf Reflex , but now Scuf is giving players a ton of customization options when ordering the Reflex. The Reflex now has 32 different faceplate colors, multiple trigger and thumbstick styles, and more features that you can fine-tune to your liking.

The Scuf Reflex released earlier this year and is compatible with both PS5 and PC. Remappable paddles, adaptive triggers, and the ability to save profiles make it one of the most feature-complete options available. In terms of PS5 controllers, the Scuf Reflex is easily the best option when it comes to competitive gaming. If you're gaming on PC, you have a wider selection of competitive controllers to choose from, including the Xbox Elite Series 2, Scuf Instinct Pro, and Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma.

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