The Bard's Tale picks up Cary Elwes

<i>The Princess Bride</i> actor picks up voice acting gig for the anticipated RPG remake.


The Bard's Tale

The kind of hot (in the Hollywood sense of the word) and very funny (by anyone's standard) actor Cary Elwes will contribute his sharp wit and British lilt to InXile's upcoming role playing game, The Bard's Tale.

Calling his game "a slick production that both celebrates and pokes fun of its own genre," inXile founder and CEO Brian Fargo boasted of the voice acting catch saying Elwes' "unforgettable performances in The Princess Bride and Men in Tights … make him the perfect fit for our tongue-in-cheek main character."

Elwes was recently part of the cast of the NBC mini-series Uprising as well as Peter Bogdanovich's 2002 comic thriller The Cat's Meow. While Elwes can play to the crowd in both comedic and serious acting roles, Fargo will extract only humor this time around.

The Bard’s Tale, developed and published by Fargo's own inXile Entertainment, will be distributed by VU Games. The title is due in late 2004.

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