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The Banner Saga Could Come to Consoles, PS Vita After Tablet Release

Stoic Games is considering a console release after The Banner Saga hits iOS, Android, and Windows tablets.

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Last week, developer Stoic Games announced that its tactical role-playing game The Banner Saga will release on iPad, Android, and Windows tablets this summer, and console players might get a chance to play the game eventually as well.

Speaking with Digital Spy, programmer John Watson said that Stoic has been working on the iOS and Android editions of the game since The Banner Saga was released on PC in January. Now that those version are on the way, Stoic hopes to release the game on consoles too.

"The ideal would be to get some console ports out before the end of the year,” Watson said. “Whether we can make that happen or not, I don't know. Some things are easier than others. I think the game would be great on Vita, but I think that would come after other consoles. It's a path of least resistance thing; there's three of us.”

Watson also said that he’d rather see the game on the PlayStation 4 before the PlayStation Vita because Stoic might need to make some changes to the game to take advantage of the PS Vita’s controls, which can use touch and button at the same time.

Earlier this year Stoic was involved in a trademark dispute with Candy Crush Saga developer King, which claimed The Banner Saga is "confusingly and deceptively similar" to Candy Crush Saga. In March, Stoic announced it reached an agreement with King that enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks.

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