The Banner Saga 3 Discussed, Dev Says Universe Is "Very Fertile Ground" for Storytelling

"The longer we get to do this, the more of the world we'll see."


If you enjoyed The Banner Saga and its recently released sequel, you may be happy to learn today that developers at Stoic are hoping to grow the series in the future. Speaking today at a PAX East panel, Stoic's Arnie Jorgensen teased that the company "would like to flesh [the story] out for a long time."

He added: "The longer we get to do this, the more of the world we'll see."

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Stoic's John Watson went on to say that the overall Banner Saga universe is rife with narrative opportunities. He described the world as being a "very fertile ground for storytelling."

During the panel, Jorgensen and Watson also specifically mentioned The Banner Saga 3, though no official details were provided on the story or release date. Jorgensen did, however, tease that the story will be "stranger and stranger," diving deeper into the "weirdness" of North mythology.

Also during the panel, developers said they would "love" to do more in the multiplayer space for the Banner Saga series, extending what it's done already with The Banner Saga: Factions game.

Although Stoic is hopeful to do that someday, the developers stressed that Stoic is a small studio that has limited bandwidth in terms of what it can do. Developers also said they are open to the idea of all kinds of spinoffs, though nothing has been confirmed at this point.

During a Q&A session, a fan asked if Stoic would consider adding multiplayer or co-op to a future Banner Saga game. Jorgensen said it's unlikely for mainline series entries because it does not fit well with the gameplay, but circled back to his earlier comments about extending the Factions series.

We also learned during the panel today that the PlayStation Vita version of The Banner Saga, which Sony stepped in to save, remains in development, though a release date has still not been announced.

Additionally, Stoic showed a silly video during the panel that reminisces about the characters, and other things, that were lost throughout the events of the franchise so far. The video is titled "In Memoriam" and can be seen here on YouTube. It was created by Penny Arcade contributor Kris Straub.

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