The Avengers Project Development Is Underway At Crystal Dynamics' New Studio

Crystal Dynamics assembles a new team.

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Crystal Dynamics just opened a new studio in Bellevue, Washington. Called Crystal Northwest, the studio is initially focusing on technology development and work on The Avengers Project, a highly-anticipated Crystal Dynamics game based on the Marvel comics.

Co-head of studio at Crystal Dynamics, Scot Amos, said, "We have assembled a team of industry veterans and leaders in order to create gaming experiences that surpass the expectations of our passionate community." Crystal Northwest is led by Chad Queen and James Loe, both industry veterans.

The Avengers Project was first announced via trailer in January 2017. Since then, Crystal Dynamics hasn't mentioned much about the new game. It was rumored and then confirmed that Shaun Escayg is The Avengers Project's creative director. Visceral Games veteran Stephen Barry was also hired by Crystal Dynamics as the game's director. However, other than the letting us know who's behind The Avenger's Project, Crystal Dynamics hasn't revealed any concrete details about the game.

We were sure we'd see a new trailer or gameplay at E3 2018 but surprisingly, The Avengers Project never showed. Hopefully with an entirely new studio behind it, we'll get a new announcement about the project within the next year.

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Avatar image for mpreviews

Please don’t be an MMO, please don’t be an MMO, please don’t be an MMO...

Avatar image for watercrack445

Is this going to be another injustice game?

Avatar image for cheeseweasel24

All I want is another Ultimate Alliance game. It isn't like the other two sold badly (or the X-Men games before that). Argh.

Avatar image for thepsychosis92


I doubt we gonna get a niche game like that with all the hype.

Avatar image for cheeseweasel24

@thepsychosis92: I'm sure it won't be, but that's not my point. That's what I want. Hardly a "niche" game though.

X-Men Legends sold 3.36 million copies across all systems.
X-Men Legends 2 sold 1.62 million, a low point for the 'series', but still a very respectible showing.
Ultimate Alliance sold over 4.48 million copies and was a pack-in game with the system for years.
Ultimate Alliance 2 sold 2.82 million copies.

...and that's just the Marvel games. When you get into games that are like it, you get Dungeon Siege, the Diablo series (2.17, 1.2, and over 8.86 million sales, respectively), Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate... I dunno that I'd qualify games with sales and support like that as a niche game.

But with such an amount of time between games, with the right advertising, if Diablo's long-awaited 3rd act is any indication, a 3rd UA game could sell a TON of copies, literally.

Anyway. That's just what I want, but apparently Marvel wants to put out mobile crap and whatever this over-hyped garbage will end up being. With over a year since the announcement and no details whatsoever as to what the game is, I'm definitely not hopeful.

Avatar image for cejay0813

MCU has been awhile for a decade now and we still haven't gotten a true AAA Marvel game. Spider-Man looks to do well but people want to see the other heroes we've been watching on the big screen done right in the video game world.

Avatar image for thepsychosis92

@cejay0813: you hope they would take thier time with,instead of throwing anyting like the marvel mobile market.

Avatar image for streamline

Let’s hope that by the end of the game development, before they start on a sequel, they won’t have to lay off half their team to save the rest.

Avatar image for m4a5

Meh, sounds like it will be an online-only game.

I would be pleasantly surprised if it wasn't though...

Avatar image for playstationzone

What the hell they just started this game and trailer was up two years ago. What going over there. I don’t think will see game out this gen and might come out when PS5 and next Xbox out .

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@playstationzone: It's Square Enix being Square Enix and announcing games too early.

Avatar image for thepsychosis92

@gamingdevil800: its all right a game like this should be on ps5.