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The Ascent Is Coming To PS4 And PS5 Soon, New Ratings Board Listing Suggests

Looks like PlayStation fans will soon get their hands on the hit cyberpunk twin-stick shooter The Ascent.


Listings for PS4 and PS5 versions of The Ascent--which is currently still a PC and Xbox console exclusive--have popped up on the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information website, as spotted by VGC. According to the listings, which were published by Curve Digital, Korean publisher H2 Interactive will handle the game's potential PlayStation release in Taiwan.

Released back in July on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, The Ascent quickly became one of the most popular games of that month. Even with it being available through Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox, developer Neon Giant said that the game generated a healthy amount of revenue from its launch weekend alone.

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For those who were interested in the twin-stick cyberpunk shooter but didn't have access to an Xbox console or a PC that could handle it, Curve Digital suggested a PlayStation release could happen.

"Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see The Ascent on PS5," the game's Twitter account said to a fan who asked about when a PlayStation version would be available. "While we don't have anything to announce right now, we want you to know we hear you and the team are aware of the demand for a PS5 version. Keep an eye right here on our Twitter for updates!"

No official PlayStation release date has been mentioned by Curve Digital or Neon Giant, but the game receiving a rating suggests it could be coming in the near future. While The Ascent has plenty of fans, critic Justin Clark wasn't entirely sold by the grim RPG and gave it a score of 6/10.

"Even if The Ascent was fully functional and balanced in a way where building up a character to become the ultimate Indent warrior felt great, there's the fact that so much of the game is designed to feel like servitude," Clark said in his review of The Ascent. "As you climb the superstructure housing all of Veles, you serve a progression of masters, and the payoff for the game's central mystery--where did the mysterious group running Veles suddenly run off to?--isn't nearly enough to offset the hopeless grind."

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