The Art of Magic coming next month

Bethesda's upcoming fantasy strategy game, Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic, is expected to go gold next week.


GameSpot spoke to Bethesda today about the company's upcoming real-time strategy game, Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic. According to a company spokesperson, a gold master candidate is currently in testing, and if it is accepted, the game will officially go gold and ship to stores in early October.

Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic is the sequel to the original Magic & Mayhem. Players assume the role of powerful wizards who can fight battles using both direct offensive magic spells and summoning spells, which bring a number of different creatures under their control. As wizards progress through the game, they build experience and gain access to more powerful spells and creatures.

Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic features more than 50 different magic spells and 22 types of creatures. The single-player campaign includes more than 30 battles, and the multiplayer mode supports up to eight players over LAN and Internet connections. For more information, take a look at our preview of the game. Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic is scheduled for release later this year.

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