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The Art Of Apex Legends Gets Huge Preorder Discount At Amazon

Respawn is releasing an Apex Legends art book this year.


Apex Legends fans can discover new information and admire the captivating art in the newly announced The Art of Apex Legends book from Respawn Entertainment. The book is a collection of art ranging from legendary skins to weapons, and even the arenas of the much-loved FPS battle royale game from the world of Titanfall.

The Art of Apex Legends is categorized as an "oversized hardcover volume" on publisher Dark Horse's website. Other than the artwork, the book contains commentary from the developers. There's no word on how up-to-date the information and art will be in the book.

A month after the game's release in 2019, Todd Sue, the previous Apex Legends Art Director from Respawn Entertainment, shared a blog post on ArtStation Magazine. The blog post displayed a handful of art deriving from a variety of talents in their Art Department. However, the upcoming art book is a hefty 192-pages.

Earlier this year, Dark Horse published a lore and art book called Pathfinder's Quest. It followed the story of Pathfinder, a robot character from the game, as he interviewed several Legends on his journey to find his creator.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series.

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