The Anacrusis Respawner - How To Revive Teammates

Bringing your team back to full power will require getting over a horde of aliens first.


Like all good horde shooters, success in The Anacrusis comes down to how well you can work as a team. Sometimes that will mean keeping everyone on their feet or quickly getting them off the ground when they're incapacitated. Other times, however, you or your teammates will be killed and in need of a respawn. The Anacrusis uses a novel way of bringing allies back from the dead, and it comes with a few wrinkles that you should be aware of before you try. Here's what you need to know about The Anacrusis Respawner device.

How to respawn teammates in The Anacrusis

When the alien horde comes for you, the goal is always to keep both feet on the ground, but should you be incapped and eventually killed, you can be revived by allies using the Respawner. Taking cues from Star Trek, the Respawner phases characters back into the world on demand. In this way, you get to play the role of Scotty beaming up the captain and getting your team to full strength.

When a player dies, those left standing will have access to the Respawner device in their inventory. By default, it will even be equipped as soon as it's available, which makes getting an ally back into action relatively quick, but don't always rush to re-materialize them.

Respawning teammates always alerts a horde, so be careful when you choose to do it.
Respawning teammates always alerts a horde, so be careful when you choose to do it.

As soon as you elect to use the Respawner, your ally will slowly return to form precisely wherever you use it. Like a 3D printer slowly but surely spitting out a model of Samus, your teammate will phase back into reality as a horde rushes in. This horde is guaranteed when you use the Respawner, so choosing not just where to respawn an ally but when becomes a critical consideration, as the game is happy to let you signal a horde on top of another already rushing in.

What you should do is clear the room as best you can, then use the Respawner in a safe place where you can defend yourself and your incoming ally, like a chokepoint where aliens will funnel in and get blasted quickly. Ideally, you could even do this near a stash of weapons so your returning ally can pick up something they're comfortable with, though this consideration is really secondary to just bringing them back to life at all.

The Respawner takes a few seconds to work in full, so hunker down when you need to use it and be sure you're ready to face the next horde of enemies that are drawn to its protein-printing powers. For more on The Anacrusis, don't miss how Party Codes work, as well as an introduction to all weapons and aliens.

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