The Anacrusis: Matter Compiler Explained And How To Find It

Here's how to use this unique sci-fi tool to buff your survivors.


The Anacrusis is home not just to many types of weapons and aliens, but also dozens of perks that can enhance every episode you play with your friends and other players. To acquire those perks, you'll need to find a Matter Compiler, which appears in different places across the game's several episodes. Here's what you need to know about the Matter Compiler and what kind of perks you can expect to unlock with it.

The Matter Compiler is a unique sci-fi device that you'll find in different places across every level of The Anacrusis. The first one you'll find is right outside the safe room's locked doors, and serves as the introduction to the device and its benefits. You'll need to activate it, and after a few seconds, you'll be given a trio of abilities to add to your hero's arsenal. The Matter Compiler grants perks to everyone in your team individually, and though you can't pick from the game's full list of 39 perks whenever you encounter a Matter Compiler, you'll always be able to pick one of three randomly presented buffs to carry with you through the end of the episode.

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That means that even though you can't reliably predict which perks you'll be presented with and able to select from, you'll always have some say in shaping the survivor that suits you. These perks include things like more ammo for special weapons, to more health, to an extra Pulse charge to help keep the aliens out of your face, and more. With nearly 40 perks in the game, we haven't seen them all just yet, but we've noticed levels can include multiple Matter Compilers. Don't think of it as acquiring one perk per level.

Search off the beaten path and behind unlocked doors (usually noted by some kind of blue light on the door), and you're likely to find several Matter Compilers with each level. Collectively, that can make the difference between a hero underequipped for the extraterrestrial threat and one who is blasting aliens away like the Star Trek superstars the game clearly alludes to.

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