The Anacrusis: Crossplay And Party Codes Explained

You can bring friends from other spaceships--I mean platforms--on your adventure.


The Anacrusis is the latest horde shooter to try to fill the Left 4 Dead-shaped hole in the hearts of many players, and the stylish '60s science fiction-inspired co-op shooter has as good a shot as any game in the crowded genre, thanks to its arrival on PC and Xbox platforms. It also features crossplay, which can be a boon to any multiplayer game's community. The multiplayer system does require an extra step though, so use this guide as your introduction to Party Codes, crossplay, and more in the world of The Anacrusis.

Does The Anacrusis have crossplay?

Yes. The Anacrusis features crossplay that spans all of its current platforms. This includes Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via both Steam and Epic Games Store. It's also available in Game Pass for Xbox and PC. The four-player co-op PvE game seems like a good fit for other platforms down the line too, though there's no news on that front just yet. In the meantime, players on these platforms can group up and enjoy in-game voice chat across all platforms.

Crossplay means players of many platforms can team up to take on this beast.
Crossplay means players of many platforms can team up to take on this beast.

The Anacrusis Party Codes

There's an added step to play multiplayer with players on other platforms though. While the game offers matchmaking, allowing you to jump right into a game with other players whenever you'd like, you can also invite specific people using a Party Code.

When you load into the game, you'll see your active six-digit Party Code right away, as well as party slots allowing for up to three players to join you. You can share this Party Code with other players to invite them to your game, or you can enter a Party Code that you've been given to join another game instead. Keep in mind that this Party Code will change each time you boot up the game, so don't think of it as a more permanent Friend Code you've maybe seen on Nintendo platforms.

You can, however, invite friends directly from your platform. For example, if you and your friend are both playing on Xbox, you can invite them using the system-side multiplayer options and skip the Party Code entirely.

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If you need to hide your Party Code, like when you're streaming and aren't trying to invite the whole chat into your lobby, you can select the option to hide it by selecting "Edit Party" from the main menu.

This is a somewhat common workaround for crossplay-enabled games from smaller teams, and so far, it seems to work as expected. That's good, because it means you can spend less time fidgeting with the menus and more time dashing away from an alien plague invading your stranded luxury starship.

The Anacrusis is in Early Access on PC and Game Preview on Xbox.

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