The Addams Family Return In New Animated Movie, Watch The First Trailer

Still creepy, still kooky.


The Addams Family is set to return to the big screen. The spooky family were last seen in a pair of live-action movies in the 1990s and will next appear in a new animated film, which hit theaters in October. The first trailer has been released.

The trailer starts by explaining that "some families are more different than others," before introducing all the familiar members of the Addams clan. There's dad Gomez and mom Morticia, their kids Wednesday and Pugsley, plus Uncle Fester and manservant Lurch. It looks like the movie is aimed at a younger audience than the '90s movies, but there's some good jokes in the trailer, including a nice It reference. And of course, the iconic theme music is in there too. Check it out below.

The Addams Family has a hugely impressive voice cast. It stars Oscar Isaac as Gomez and Charlize Theron as Morticia, plus Stranger Things's Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley, Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday, Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester, and Allison Janney as villainous Margaux Needler. The movie is directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, who previously helmed Sausage Party. It releases on October 11.

The Addams Family was created by Charles Addams. It first appeared as a comic strip in 1938, and was adapted into the popular TV show during the 1960s. In 1991, Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) directed the hit movie The Addams Family, which was followed by Addams Family Values two years later.

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Love the 90s films along with the TV show so will definitely see this later this year

Avatar image for linthenius

The addams family has always been a classic for me. Definitely going to see this

Avatar image for bdrtfm

I was hoping for a Tim Burton vibe to it as in just a tad bit darker. But it's the first trailer so I'll play wait and see.

Avatar image for Elranzer

I really wanted this to not look like crap... but this looks like crap.

The Millennial Addams Family.

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@Elranzer: But the design is based off Charles Addams' original design from 1938/40. Not sure what you are going on about with that "Millennial Addams Family".

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@HiroArka: I was going to agree with Elranzer's sentiment on the art direction, since it, from initial appearances, looks as if it came out of nowhere. But after looking at the original/source art from Charles Addams as you said, i'm ok with it. Although I will say it doesn't look as charming in 3D as it does in 2D.

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@R34Vegeta: I can agree with that, the transition from 2D to 3D is a bit weird looking .. though .. the Addams are weird people :D

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They should've got Christina Ricci to do the voice of Wednesday.