The 3D Gamemaker nears completion

Actualize's upcoming game-building tool will let players create a wide variety of custom games quickly and easily.


UK-based Actualize will soon release its upcoming game-building program, The 3D Gamemaker. The program will let players quickly design and build a wide variety of 3D games, including role-playing games, action-adventure games, and driving games. The tools are designed to be easy enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough to let more-experienced users create more-complex games.

The 3D Gamemaker can quickly generate a random game based on a few simple choices made by the user. It includes a large number of customizable factors, which makes it possible to create a great variety of different types of games.

We've posted some screenshots from games created using The 3D Gamemaker in the gallery above. The 3D Gamemaker was developed by UK-based Dark Basic, and it is scheduled for release in the UK on September 21. No official US publisher or release date has been announced. For more information, visit the official Web site for The 3D Gamemaker.

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