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The 1,000-Page X-Men Animated Series Comics Omnibus Is Nearly 50% Off At Amazon

Amazon has a big discount on this book adapting the X-Men Animated Series into comic form, giving you even more '90s nostalgia while you wait for more X-Men '97.


The excellent X-Men '97 on Disney+ has revitalized interest in the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series, which served as many fans' introduction to Marvel's superhero team some 30 years ago. While the waiting game for more X-Men '97 has begun now that the first season is over, you can still tap into the Animated Series' stories with X-Men: The Animated Series - The Adaptations Omnibus. The collection brings the animated series full-circle by adapting the show back into comics.

The 1,008-page hardcover omnibus released last year, and Amazon has a pretty awesome deal on the book right now. You can grab a copy for $68.50 (list price is $125), which happens to be the lowest price yet for this X-Men omnibus.

If you're not familiar, X-Men: The Animated Series ran from 1992 to 1997 and covered a bunch of X-Men stories inspired by the Marvel comics. The recent revival with X-Men '97 continues the story where the Animated Series left off.

X-Men: The Animated Series - The Adaptations Omnibus
X-Men: The Animated Series - The Adaptations Omnibus

The Adaptations Omnibus includes a bunch of X-Men stories that made it to the small screen in the series that precedes X-Men '97, including the series' take on "Days of Future Past" and "The Dark Phoenix Saga." It includes X-Men Adventures (1992) issues 1-15, X-Men Adventures (1994) issues 1-13, and X-Men Adventures (1995) issues 1-13.

The Adaptations Omnibus isn't all Amazon has on-offer for fans of X-Men: The Animated Series or X-Men '97. There are also comics telling additional stories that never made it on-screen in the original cartoon, an art book created by the showrunners of the original animated series, and the ongoing X-Men '97 comic arc that fills the gap between the two shows. The first two issues are out now, with the third arriving later this week and the conclusion hitting shelves next month. If you want all four issues in one collection, Great X-Pectations collects the arc in trade paperback format.

additional stories that fill in the gap between the two shows. Check out the best deals below.

X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men '97 Comic Deals

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