That White Xbox Series X Console Isn't Actually Happening, Sadly

Might need to grab a can of white spray paint from the hardware aisle if you want your own custom Xbox Series X.


An advertisement for Logitech's Astro A30 gaming headset went online last week, and in the video, a white Xbox Series X could be spotted. Outside of limited special editions, the Xbox Series X has only been available in its default black color scheme, and Microsoft has no plans to release a white version of its console, and it turns out that this ad wasn't meant to tease an upcoming white version of the console.

"The white Xbox Series X console for the promotional video by our partner is not in production," a Microsoft spokesperson said to VGC. "We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time."

In contrast, Sony's PS5 is technically available in a wide range of colors. The console itself ships with a default white plastic case around its important internals, but you can easily pop them off and replace the cover with more colorful options that span a wide number of options. A recent example is the Gray Camouflage console cover that was announced this month, which transforms the PS5 into a machine that can easily be hidden in rocky terrain.

While the Xbox Series X hasn't seen much variety in style since it launched in late 2020, the Xbox Series S has been a canvas for a number of one-off designs. From Doctor Strange to Garfield, the smaller Xbox console has been used in a number of promotions so far.

If you are desperate for an Xbox Series X that stands out from the usual model, disassembling the console (at your own warranty-voiding peril) isn't too difficult, and with some masking tape and a can of spray-paint, a makeover is easy enough to perform. Alternatively, the new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core edition controller comes with a white finish.

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