That $99 Disney Streaming Box Was an Unofficial Prototype [Update]

There are currently no announcements regarding an official Disney Streaming Box.


Update January 10, 2017: A representative from the console's developer, Snakebyte, reached out with clarification on the the Disney Kids TV box. The device shown at CES was a prototype and "Disney Kids TV box" is a working title.

According to PR, "The box is NOT from Disney, it is a Snakebyte product that [the company is] looking to license several Disney characters and franchises for." The prototype was a mock-up device created by Snakebyte specifically for CES "for exploratory discussions about acquiring a license from Disney for some EMEA territories."

The prototype referenced below is "not reflective of Snakebyte’s early stage discussions with Disney – which did not include plans to release a Disney-branded box. The discussions were focused solely on licensing Disney-owned franchises and characters."

So, it looks like (for now at least), there are no plans for a Disney-branded streaming box.

The original story appears below.

This week at CES, Disney announced a $99 streaming box that can play some Android games.

As reported by TomsGuide, the Disney Kids TV box, made by peripheral company Snakebyte, can also stream a variety of TV/movie content and play music. It'll come pre-loaded with movies, shows, and games, though Disney did not announce the full lineup.

For games, you can buy an optional controller (pricing was not mentioned), while it also works with Bluetooth controllers.

"If you have kids who enjoy Disney properties, this is way to set them up with a media streamer that really caters to their tastes; not just an extra one you happen to have lying around," TomsGuide reported.

The Disney Kids TV box is slated to go on sale in 2017.

Also at CES this week, Razer announced a bonkers-looking laptop with three built-in monitors.

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"Blow it out your assss!"

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Who knew that making junk to collect dust in closets was such good business?

Got Wii motes, Wii's, Wii U's, well, practically anything made by Nintendo after the SNES, PSTV, now this.

Must be nice to make junk, and profit from it.

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@datriax: as long as idiots keep buying them, they'll keep selling them.

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A streaming device for kids. I don't think a kid needs a streaming box, but hey a box with simple UI and restricted software set up for a young child is not a bad Idea to teach them how to use the more complex streaming devices in the future.

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Uhhh... no? No. That's stupid. Unless it comes with free access to Disney films. Old ones and recent ones. Then alright. Maybe. Might as well just set up a RPi3 box.

Also, definitely agree with Jinzo: Infinity Version 4.0 (or better yet a rolling release Infinity, with the version numbers only mattering for retail) would be far preferred. Gimme Darkwing.

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Soon there will be ten streaming boxes, I prefer my Fire TV which can play games as well as watch movies, etc.

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But why...?

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A... $99 that can play Android games...? Why does this sound like the Ouya all over again...? Disney... the hell you smokin' man...? Just go back to make more Mickey Mouse games!

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I'd rather have Disney Infinity 4.0 for Wii U over this. At least I might be able to get figurines of Mirage the Evil Incarnate (Aladdin) and Rebecca Cunningham (Talespin) that way.

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Up your ass Disney

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So far these streaming boxes haven't had huge success, and I don't see this being any different. Unless they offer a Disney movie/tv show unlimited streaming service (for all of their movies, games, and shows) I don't see parents buying many of these if they already have Netflix, Hulu, or cable... I don't even want to know what they cannot use because of those exclusive streaming licenses they sold off to properties like Star Wars and Marvel.

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@noshotskill: Streaming boxes have been a huge success, that's why there's so many variants of them. Parents will buy these (if they haven't already bought one or given them the old one when they upgraded) because they do have Netflix and Hulu, and it's cheaper than getting another cable box for a room. Also, if my kid is going to watch movies, I'd rather a small box be on all day than a console. Just my opinion though, plenty of other parents choose other options.

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I think someone needs to make a box that I can store all my streaming boxes in.

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@Richardthe3rd: :)

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not a damn thing from disney i want my kid seeing, another failed streaming box

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Not a bad idea really. Disney has a massive catalog of movies and TV shows. Tack onto that all the games that have been made that have Disney properties licensed and honestly they really could come out with their own ecosystem like this and be successful. Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars... I mean right there that covers a disgusting amount of video games. Of course the eventual and unfortunate part of this whole thing is that could mean Disney-licensed products will be pulled from every other distribution service, further fragmenting everything.

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Is this why they fired all their devs? So they could make trash no one wants or needs?

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make apps for other devices instead. how many boxes do these companies think people will buy?

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@straightcur: One for each content provider :/ Each with their own UI / content browser / search, their own gift cards, pricing structure, remote control, TV input and power brick, ugh F this S

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With all the multi-function boxes and Smart TVs that have Disney, Disney Kids, and Disney XD apps, along with Android apps and games (and Disney already has their games on Android stores like Disney Infinity, DuckTales HD, and that Nemo game etc), why would you ever buy a box that does only the Disney stuff?

Especially since you probably couldn't get Nickelodeon content on there or PBS, so only get this if you hate your kids basically

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@sellingthings: Yeah you'd basically be buying something at the same price as any other TV box but with huge restrictions on apps/channels. Does not sound like a good value.

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So, call me crazy, but it seems that these companies heard from someone that "streaming" was popular and looked up the wrong Wikipedia article. Seriously, there are tons of these things now. How popular can playing mobile games on a TV possibly be?

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@pongley: Especially when you can just get a Chromecast or Fire Stick and just stream through that. When it's kids time they can watch kids stuff, when it's grown ups time they can watch their shows on them. I guess for the big corporations it's no big deal when they can just ship the designs off to China and have them made for pennies.

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No way will sale since be like PlayStation TV since that failed.

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If it has every Disney Interactive game on it.... very tempting

Especially if it goes way back

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So basically, it's a Kodi box with some pre-installed Disney content.

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@ophmarketing: Seems like it'd also have built-in parental controls as well.

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@Pyrosa: Kodi has a plugin for parental controls, allowing you to use scraped ratings metadata on videos as well as protect certain plugins from being accessed

But for a Disney box aimed at kids I don't know why you'd even need parental controls

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It would be kinda awesome if this had all of the licensed Disney games for the Nintendo and Sega consoles.

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@KenshinXSlayer: original NES Duck Tales frack yeah......lolz


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Not so long ago Disney shut down its games division due to only releasing rubbish.

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Yeah this won't be another failed endeavor for Disney

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Watch out Nintendo, you've got some competition on the horizon.

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Sure, parents will buy a bunch of games and invest...only to have Disney discontinue it a few years later.

Disney Infinity...R.I.P.

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It's a good thing Disney has dev studios like Avalanche and Lucasarts. Oh wait they shut down Avalanche and Lucasarts only makes crappy Star Wars mobile games now.