That $99 Disney Streaming Box Was an Unofficial Prototype [Update]

There are currently no announcements regarding an official Disney Streaming Box.


Update January 10, 2017: A representative from the console's developer, Snakebyte, reached out with clarification on the the Disney Kids TV box. The device shown at CES was a prototype and "Disney Kids TV box" is a working title.

According to PR, "The box is NOT from Disney, it is a Snakebyte product that [the company is] looking to license several Disney characters and franchises for." The prototype was a mock-up device created by Snakebyte specifically for CES "for exploratory discussions about acquiring a license from Disney for some EMEA territories."

The prototype referenced below is "not reflective of Snakebyte’s early stage discussions with Disney – which did not include plans to release a Disney-branded box. The discussions were focused solely on licensing Disney-owned franchises and characters."

So, it looks like (for now at least), there are no plans for a Disney-branded streaming box.

The original story appears below.

This week at CES, Disney announced a $99 streaming box that can play some Android games.

As reported by TomsGuide, the Disney Kids TV box, made by peripheral company Snakebyte, can also stream a variety of TV/movie content and play music. It'll come pre-loaded with movies, shows, and games, though Disney did not announce the full lineup.

For games, you can buy an optional controller (pricing was not mentioned), while it also works with Bluetooth controllers.

"If you have kids who enjoy Disney properties, this is way to set them up with a media streamer that really caters to their tastes; not just an extra one you happen to have lying around," TomsGuide reported.

The Disney Kids TV box is slated to go on sale in 2017.

Also at CES this week, Razer announced a bonkers-looking laptop with three built-in monitors.

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