Thank You Iwata: Tributes Pour In for Nintendo's Late CEO

Games industry mourns shock death of iconic figure.


The games industry has offered its tributes in the wake of the shock news that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away "due to a bile duct growth".

The Nintendo chief executive had been dealing with health issues and was notably absent from E3 2014 in order to have surgery to remove a previous bile duct growth.

In the hours following Nintendo's announcement of its CEO's death, fans and peers have paid tribute to one of the industry's most respected and adored figures.

Dylan Cuthbert - Q-Games

Yves Guillemot - Ubisoft

Neil Druckman - Naughty Dog

Phil Spencer - Xbox


Min-Liang Tan - Razr

Treyarch Studios

Aaron Greenberg - Xbox

Hideki Kamiya - Platinum Games


Ken Lobb - Microsoft, Formerly Rare

Obsidian Entertainment


Adam Boyes - PlayStation

Zelda Williams

Shuhei Yoshida - PlayStation

Translation: Iwata-san contributed to the development of the game industry significantly. We will pray for him and hope he rests in peace.

Shigesato Itoi - Writer of EarthBound/Mother Series

Translation by Cheesemeister: "Extinguish all the lamps in the world. Make a pitch-black night. With that powerlessness. Can you please do that for me?"

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