Thandor: The Invasion Coming to US

European publisher JoWooD announces the upcoming release of its real-time strategy game.


German publisher JoWooD has announced that it will soon release its real-time strategy game Thandor: The Invasion in the US through an agreement with MacMillian USA. The game was developed by German studio Planet4, and it focuses completely on combat, excluding things like buildings, resources, and the construction of units. The multiplayer mode lets up to eight players compete head-to-head. JoWooD also announced plans to release a new version of its management sim Traffic Giant in the US, as well as US versions of Industry Giant, Keep the Balance, Mayday, and Think Cross.

For more information about Thandor: The Invasion, read our first look article on the game and visit the official Thandor Web site. More information about JoWooD's other games is available at the official JoWooD Web site.

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