TGS: We See More Koudelka

TOKYO – Sacnoth's PlayStation Resident Evil-like RPG is on display at the Tokyo Game Show. We take a look.


TOKYO - Despite only being shown on video, Sacnoth's PlayStation Resident Evil / Parasite Eve-style RPG, Koudelka, was without a doubt one of the most impressive games at TGS. This was simply because of the amazing levels of artistry involved – Koudelka seems to transcend the typical game experience with its atmospheric visuals and ambient music. Sacnoth (comprised of former ex-Square talent) has put together an aural and visual experience akin to some of the finer Hollywood film greats. We'll definitely have more to say on the game after TGS comes to a close, but for now check out the new screens that we have grabbed.

And there's good news for US gamers – SNK representatives have informed us that the company is definitely planning to bring the game to the US. There's been no mention of a date, but it's good to hear it is confirmed for the US side.

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