TGS plays nice with PSP game sharing

PSP-owning Tokyo Game Show attendees can download game demos to their handheld; five games announced with more to come.


TOKYO--Gamers with PSPs headed to this year's Tokyo Game Show should consider bringing their handheld into the convention. Sony Computer Entertainment announced that it will set up an area in its booth called the "PlayStation Spot," where PSP owners will be able to download demos of upcoming games. The demo distribution will use the handheld's game-sharing function, which allows for a single PSP to send game data to multiple PSPs simultaneously.

Sony has announced that five games are currently scheduled to be involved in the program, with more possibly being added as the date approaches. The lineup includes two games that haven't been announced up until now: Hudson's Rengoku 2 and Capcom's Rockman Rockman. As with game downloads on the Nintendo DS, the game demos are only stored in the PSP's memory and not on its Memory Stick Duo, meaning that the data will disappear if the owner turns off the handheld's power.

SCE says it plans to expand the PlayStation Spots to retailers and other event locations in the future.

Game demos available at PlayStation Spot (title/publisher/release date):

Metal Gear Acid 2 / Konami / 2005 Winter
Rengoku 2 / Hudson / TBA
Rockman Rockman / Capcom / TBA
Baito Hell 2000 / Sony Computer Entertainment / 2005 Winter
Portable Resort / Namco / TBA

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