TGS 2008: Sega's Yakuza 3 roughs up showgoers

House of Sonic's booth features model-and-champagne-laden display for upcoming gangster game alongside Hula Wii and a full-size rampaging "Werehog."


Yakuza behind closed doors.
Yakuza behind closed doors.

TOKYO--Sega's sizeable booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show was a showcase in contrast. On one side was a Scarface-style setup for Yakuza 3, complete with booth babes dressed as high-class gangster molls, champagne glass pyramids, and a behind-closed-door presentation which highlighted the brutal aspects of the upcoming action game.

On the other side was the family friendly Wii game Let's Tap, a title whose gameplay consists of laying the Wii Remote flat and...tapping it. (Confused? GameSpot's hands-on preview explains.) Other interesting games on hand were Hula Wii, a hula-dancing game for Nintendo's console, and the weird, over-the-top side-scrolling shooter Chou Aniki, which has been resurrected for the PSP.

Beware the Werehog.
Beware the Werehog.

While there were plenty of other titles for all consoles, the biggest was on the DS. Taking up plenty of booth space was Phantasy Star Zero, a DS action RPG which four players can play at the same time. Other DS titles included Shining Force Feather, Princess On Ice, Culdcept, and Seventh Dragon.

Of course, Sonic was also on show, and not only in the form of his upcoming multiplatform game Sonic Unleashed. A large Werehog (Sonic's alter ego in Unleashed) could be seen stalking TGS attendees, and was always happy to stop and pose for pictures.

Also on display were several other titles from other publishers which Sega distributes locally. THQ's Saints Row 2 was being shown behind curtains to keep young eyes from prying, while Codemasters' GRID was being shown off on several screens.

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