TGS 2008: Running the cosplay gauntlet

We check out the dozens of cosplayers holding court in between halls three and four of the Tokyo Game Show.


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TOKYO--Each year, the main attraction at the Tokyo Game Show are the dozens of big-name games on the Makuhari Messe show floor. Another major draw, though, are the hundreds of cosplayers who turn up to literally make a spectacle of themselves. This year was certainly no exception, with costumed throngs taking over the large corridor separating halls three and four of the convention centre. In their ware were thousands of onlookers who waited patiently in line to take snapshots of the most elaborate costumes.

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Many of the cosplayers GameSpot spoke to on the first public day of TGS 2008 had been dressing up as video game characters for years. Omi (pictured top) says she's been cosplaying for 11 years. Today, she chose to dress as Faith from the forthcoming Electronic Arts and DICE's action-platformer Mirror's Edge. She said the big draw was the character's impressive parkour-inspired abilities, which Omi said represent "everything I want to be."

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Standing alongside Omi was Suga Fuyuki (pictured second), who came as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Asked why he chose that particular-era Snake to come as, Fuyuki--who has been cosplaying for four years--says it was because MGS3 was his favourite game of the series.

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Miku Oyanagi (third) is another long-time video game character costume enthusiast, having indulged in cosplay for the last decade. However, this year is the first time she's dressed up as Morrigan from Darkstalkers because Chun Li from Street Fighter is her usual favourite.

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Indeed, the cosplayers at this year's TGS ran the gamut of games and genres. Characters from the various Square role-playing games dominated, but we also spotted a convincing-looking Ash from Pokemon in the mix (fourth).

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Street Fighter characters have always been popular for TGS cosplayers. One svelte would-be Cammy (fifth) was a particular hit, with dozens of photographers fighting for space around her.

Cammy wasn't the only Street Fighter to make an appearance. One large fellow made for an extremely convincing E Honda (second from bottom), unafraid to bare almost all on a chilly day outside the Messe.

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Though cosplayers are obviously vying for attention, it doesn't seem to be a solo hobby, with many coming with groups of friends in costumes. One perfect example was a group of young Japanese (bottom) who arrived dressed as many of the cast members from the various Phoenix Wright games.

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Faith is the Best!

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more cosplayers .. ~_~

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I like the girl right of E Honda, whos she from?

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For some reason, watching this make me feel ashamed. /facepalm

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If there was hot video game character of the year Faith from Mirror's edge would be it

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The Faith character looks great

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Fat Morrigan!!!!!! Aw, I'm cruel.

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"Face it, it's a weird kinky sex thing." You are correct sir!

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Face it, it's a weird kinky sex thing.

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where's the guy from comix zone?! go sketch turner!

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LOL @ combatsoldier and thetaguru's quick response

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Yeah Phoenix Wright!!!11!!1!111

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No varia suit samus = fail.

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Well I can honestly say I don't understand cosplay, but then again most people don't understand me, so who am I to judge. I've known lots of cosplayers. Do what makes you happy.

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it's weird to see Street Fighter 2 characters still being popular, that was like my favorite game over 15 years ago

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Well, I hope she reminds you of the girl in Mirror's Edge..that's what she's dressed up as.

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The girl in the top pic reminds me of the girl from mirrors edge.

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so i've never played a phoenix game, but the guy on the right doesn't look like he's trying too hard.

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Lol love the Phoenix Wright ones. Except maybe Edgar's shoes

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people saying these guys are nerds for're on a video game site giving opinions that barely anyone will read or care about by blogging and rating games etc.

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i love japanese girls but dragonsama your an idiot, your comment is irrelevant

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Japanese girls = superior

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LOL! sounds like lots of fun.

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That looks fuN!

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I would have liked to have seen some of the SMT (or spin-off) cosplayers, or some of the SW/DW ones. Those ones are great.

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Ah the cosplayers, how they make anime and video game geekiness just seem alright!

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Jejeje estan chistosos...

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Why is Naked Snake posing with a CalorieMate? Is he on a diet or something?

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actually, his codename was Naked Snake ;)

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i can agree i dont know why they put down "Solid" Snake when at the time BigBoss codename was just Snake

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Chubby Morrigan is chubby.

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The Phoenix Wright posse is pretty good

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hahahha I Love The Japanese!! they some cool ass people yo!

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why naked snake without a beard ? and whats up with that huge bandana ?

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Looks fun Why nithing like that happen here =[

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I think Danté may have been speaking of TGS - "No Use for hope when you enter this place" - On the other hand the E Honda is really good. p.s. it's oxfords' translation so don't get your knickers in a twist.

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disturbing indeed ... i hope they had some major freetime and arent just total geeks .. i consider myself a geek for programming and doing 3d modeling.. i dont want to be in the same category as people who dress up like this at game shows!

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the similarities between her and Faifth from Mirror's Edge are freakin' scary lol

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That E.Honda is awesome, one of the few fat characters fat people can get away with doing.

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those are some disturbing photos

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"Standing alongside Omi was Suga Fuyuki (pictured second), who came as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Asked why he chose that particular-era Snake to come as, Fuyuki--who has been cosplaying for four years--says it was because MGS 3 was his favourite game of the series." Yeah they got that wrong. And I really thought this was a good update for MGS3. Pfft.

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How can some of you guys say losers? ANd yet be on a game site commenting about "no Life".........Um they are out doing something , your at a computer! Who has a life? O and I would totally do it if I could go, its like non stop halloween!

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Solid Snake WAS NOT IN MGS3. That is Big Boss. There is a huge difference Gamespot. As usual, you never check your facts, instead just post it. Also the people who have to dress up to be video game characters, Star Wars characters and whatever else. Do me and the rest of the world a HUGE FAVOUR. SEEK HELP.

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I fail to see any fun, or reason, for cosplay.

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E honda looks awsome, but if i ever did cosplay i would be jecht fromm ff10 that would be the most bad a** costume or dante!

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Cosplay almost always = awesome