TGS 2008: Lumines Supernova Hands-On

If it's trippy and it's dancey, it must be Lumines--and it's now on the PS3.


TOKYO--Lumines first burst onto the scene as a PSP launch title and soon became a cult favourite thanks to its addictive puzzle play and hypnotic dance soundtrack. A sequel and several other console launches later and famed designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi's (Space Channel 5, Rez) game is finally coming to the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable game for the PSN. We took it for a test-drive on the 2008 Tokyo Game Show floor and found the title to be as trippy as ever.

Lumines Supernova will feature a mixture of skins found in previous versions and some brand-new additions, making for 40 skins in total. As well as the modes previously featured in earlier Lumines titles, Supernova will ship with several new gameplay types, including Dig Down mode (where players have to clear an already filled field) and Sequencer mode (where you can create your own beats for use in the game).

In our short playtime with Supernova, we found it to be classic Lumines. For the uninitiated, Lumines plays a little like Tetris in that blocks fall from the top of the screen, with the aim being to keep clearing blocks. That's where the similarities end; falling blocks always come in a 4x4 formation, and the only way to clear blocks is to stack a 4x4 grid with blocks of the same colour. Supernova doesn't mess with the formula at all, with the biggest noticeable difference being the impressive-looking skins you'll see in the background of the playfield.

Lumines Supernova hits the PSN in Q4 of this year. Check GameSpot soon for a full review.

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