TGS 2005: Samurai Warriors marching to PSP

Koei's historical slasher heads to Sony's handheld this December in Japan; game features Wi-Fi multiplayer, new sub-lords.


Gamers itching to take hacking and slashing on the go are in luck. Koei will release a PSP edition of Sengoku Musou (known as Samurai Warriors in North America), reports the latest issue of Famitsu. The PSP edition will also be titled Sengoku Musou, and is scheduled to hit the battlefield this December.

Like Sengoku Musou on the PS2, gamers will suit up in the garb of Japanese warlords as they battle rivals. New to the PSP version is the idea of sub-lords, minor warlords who will be paired with characters and fight alongside their elders. Aside from being an extra blade, the sub-lords also have special abilities, such as the power to raise a warlord's skills and vital stats. The player will also be able to pull off combination attacks with this dynamic duo, as their relationship strengthens during the course of the game. There will be more than 200 sub-lords featured in the game.

Another feature unique to the PSP version of Samurai Warriors is head-to-head battle via the handheld's Wi-Fi capability. The versus mode lets four players try to reign supreme, with sub-lords changing allegiances if their warlord falls in battle.

Sengoku Musou for the PSP will be on playable display at the Tokyo Game Show. Stay tuned to GameSpot for coverage.

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