TGS 2005: Rockman Rockman Hands-On

It's the PSP game so nice, they named it twice!


TOKYO-As part of its display at the annual Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has unveiled a new Mega Man game for the PSP. The game, known as Rockman Rockman, is at least partially a remake of the original Mega Man game for the NES, but the graphics have been redone, and there are also additional "new style" versions of the stages found back in the original game.

The version of Rockman Rockman being shown at TGS contains only two levels. The old-style Cutman level has the same basic level design and enemy placement as the original Cutman level in Mega Man, but it has updated graphics. The new-style level is Fire Man's stage. The new-style levels are shown from a slightly closer viewpoint, making Mega Man's already huge head even bigger.

Mega Man's head size is the first thing you'll notice about the graphics in Rockman Rockman. Everything has been redone in a wiggly sort of polygonal anime style that's meant to give the game a vibrant, cartoony vibe. The look works surprisingly well, and little touches, like the way Cutman appears and chops a log in half with his head right before you fight him, really give the game a great deal of personality and charm.

Rockman Rockman will also contain a level editor that will let you create your own Mega Man levels, right down to including blocks that can be destroyed or lifted only if you have the right boss power to do so--though this wasn't present in the playable version of the game. The bosses shown on video are all from the original Mega Man, though two bosses were shown as question marks and were not fully revealed. Expect to see Gutsman, Bomb Man, and Elec Man at some point in this game.

All in all, Rockman Rockman is a pretty promising PSP game. The ability to create all-new Mega Man levels sounds like a really cool addition to the franchise, and the new take on old levels and bosses seems interesting, as well.

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