TGS 2005: Project Assassins Impressions

The Prince of Persia team is working on something new.


Assassin's Creed

TOKYO--Sony's primary presence at this year's Tokyo Game Show is devoted to showing off trailers and other assorted footage associated with the PlayStation 3. While most of the footage has been shown at other events in other parts of the world, one of the new clips is for a game from Ubisoft, tentatively titled Project Assassins.

The trailer is very teaser-like in nature, lasting only for a few seconds. The game appears to take place in some sort of medieval setting and shows a man with a retractable blade attempting to assassinate a man wearing chain mail on his head. The trailer is very focused on the retractable blade, showing the internal workings and gears of how, exactly, this man has hidden a blade up the arm of his shirt.

Before anything too violent can happen, the trailer cuts to text and reveals that this Ubisoft game is being developed by "the creators of The Prince of Persia." We'll have more on Project Assassins as it becomes available.

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