TGS 2005: New Samurai Shodown coming to PS2

Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden coming to Japan this winter with new characters and online play.


TOKYO--Although the latest Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits in Japan) just came out in arcades days ago, there are already plans for a console version. During the Tokyo Game Show, SNK Playmore announced it will release Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden on the PlayStation 2 in Japan this winter--one of the company's fastest arcade ports yet. SNK Playmore also announced it will release NeoGeo Battle Coliseum--which GameSpot played at TGS--for the PS2 in the winter. Both titles will be playable online with KDDI's Multi-Matching BB service.

Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden features an all-star cast of 40 characters, the largest roster to date. The computer characters from Samurai Shodown 5 are playable this time, and there are four additional new fighters: Andrew, a white-haired Westerner apparently inspired by US president Andrew Jackson; Matsuribayashi Sugoroku, a big Japanese fighter; Iroha, a maid in a skimpy outfit; and Karakuri Ochamaro, a fighting mech sporting mechanical gears. The PS2 version will have additional characters, which SNK Playmore will disclose in the future.

Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden features a "spirit select" system, which lets the player decide between six different fighting styles based on previous installments of Samurai Shodown. For example, the Samurai Shodown 1 style has simple controls and an extremely powerful slash, while the Samurai Shodown 2 style sports a super move that can destroy enemies' weapons. The Samurai Shodown 5 style adopts the "enlightenment mode" from the original SS5, which temporarily slows an opponent.

Aside from head-to-head gameplay via online connection, Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden for the PS2 will feature a few additional bonuses. The game will let users edit the characters' color and arrange the game's soundtrack.

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