TGS 2005: Katamari Damacy rolling onto PSP

Namco's popular PlayStation 2 franchise will soon be ballin' on Sony's portable.


Together with new game announcements for the next-generation consoles, a number of surprising games for Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS have been reported by this week's Famitsu. One of them is Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy for the PSP by Namco, which, as the title suggests, is a PSP spin-off of the hit PlayStation 2 Katamari Damacy franchise. It's the first officially confirmed version of the game, although a DS version has been widely rumored.

In Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy, players will once again be rolling a small ball into a colossal cluster of objects by controlling the diminutive Prince of Cosmos. This time, he's been sent by his father, the King of All Cosmos, to restore a small island that's been flattened by a tsunami.

In terms of gameplay, Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy will keep the series' simple-but-unique system, where the player turns a small adhesive ball into a giant conglomerate globe by adhering various objects to it. Unlike previous installments, the game's backgrounds will change depending on the time and season, so you'll see cherry blossoms growing during spring and snow covering the ground during winter, for example.

The game's title, "Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy" roughly translates into English as "Our Katamari Damacy." The game will also feature a versus mode, where players can challenge each other to a roll-off via the PSP's Wi-Fi connection.

Namco hasn't announced a release date for Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy yet, but the game will be on playable display at Tokyo Game Show 2005. Stay tuned to GameSpot for impressions.

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