TGS 2005: Guilty Gear XX #Reload Hands-On

Sammy's 2D fighter goes portable on the PSP.


TOKYO--The Guilty Gear series has always been known for the high quality of its sprite-based graphics. Its large, colorful characters were always extremely well animated, making for a rather striking display that helped the series stand out from the 2D fighting crowd. Now, Sammy is getting Guilty Gear XX #Reload ready for release on the PSP.

Graphically, the game looks just about as good on the PSP as on the console releases. The small, sharp screen definitely helps, though the game doesn't seem like it's quite up to the standards of the original, arcade version. The gameplay, however, is definitely up to par with the other versions of the game. Additionally, this 2D fighter will have support for two-player matches locally, via ad hoc connections.

While the version being displayed at TGS was limited to quick matches, the game is nearly finished and will be appearing on Japanese store shelves in late September. No North American release information is available at this time.

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