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TGS 2005: Devil May Cry 4 Trailer Impressions

We watch the latest trailer of Devil May Cry 4, hoping to get a little more insight into what Dante is up to.


TGS 2005: If the latest trailer is any indication, Dante, Capcom's white-haired demon hunter, is the same as he ever was. Although what we saw at TGS this year doesn't reveal very much about the latest installment in the DMC series, it did provide some relatively impressive eye candy. At its beginning, the trailer declares prominently that the franchise will remain exclusive to Sony consoles, stating "PS3 Only" across the screen. The first shot faces down an alleyway, showing Dante walking toward the camera. As he gets within reach, he kneels down and shakes the camera, attempting to fix the color. The camera goes from the initial monochrome through a few different hues before finally settling on full color. Dante seems to be content with this and begins to return down the alley, but he suddenly turns, and then, dragging his sword across the ground and creating an array of sparks with it, knocks it into the camera and sends it flying into the air.

The majority of the demo is from the perspective of the spinning camera, which rotates in the air and shows a quick pan of the surrounding alley, always returning to Dante, the scene's central figure. In classic Dante fashion, he has jumped up into the air to properly attack the airbound object, while switching between his sword and gun for maneuvers. Each time the camera faces Dante, he performs a different attack, showing that he is going to have, if nothing else, an extremely diverse move list. The demo ends when the camera lands on the ground of the alley and breaks, eventually fading out into snow. Although brief, the glimpse we saw of the game was certainly tantalizing, and we look forward to getting more information on this game as Capcom provides it.

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