TGS 2005: Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Trailer Impressions

We took a look at the TGS trailer for Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.


TOKYO-- Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition was only recently confirmed, but it's already making a presence at TGS this year. Unfortunately it was in the form of a trailer, so it's difficult to see what makes this game as special as its predecessor, the regular version of Devil May Cry 3.

We know that the major difference between the two games is that this one allows you to play through as Vergil, Dante's evil twin. Although you could use him briefly in the previous game, you will now be able to unlock him and play through the entire game from his perspective. Since the charismatic Dante is half the fun of the Devil May Cry games, it will be interesting to see what Vergil has to offer. The trailer, which showed clips of both characters in the game, juxtaposed their two fighting styles and their weaponry, although without being able to get our hands on the game, it's not as easy to see exactly how those differences work into the gameplay. We can confirm, though, that although both characters have white hair, Vergil is wearing a blue coat as opposed to Dante's red. Truthfully, from the clips of gameplay we saw, that seems to be the major difference between the two. Vergil still adheres to the traditional Devil May Cry mechanics, so it will take a deeper look at the game to be able to see how the nuances of his style manifest themselves.

Throughout the demo, words were splashed across the screen indicating the names of moves in the game, which included starfall, rising dragon, upper slash, rapid slash, spiral swords, wild stomp, thrust kick, and free ride. It's apparent that, above all, this game will be as dedicated to the action as all of the previous Devil May Cry games. Since it's coming out on the PS2, the same platform as the previous three, the Special Edition will likely provide a unique gameplay experience in some respect, but the trailer didn't give much indication about what it is. The announced "very hard" mode and "demo digest" were not made apparent by the trailer, but for what it's worth, the game did look very good. We look forward to getting the opportunity to play the new difficulty setting with Vergil sometime in the near future.

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