TGS 2005: Baten Kaitos II announced for GameCube

Second installment of Namco's GameCube RPG to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Namco is developing a sequel to its GameCube RPG, Baten Kaitos. Titled Baten Kaitos II, the game is slated for release in Japan this December.

Baten Kaitos II will take place in the same fantasy world as the original installment, albeit 20 years prior to the original. The main character is a youth named Sagi, a cheerful assassin who works for the powerful Alfard Empire, which also appeared in the original Baten Kaitos. The sequel will see Sagi go on a journey to find the source of a series of unnatural phenomena. Journeying together with Sagi on his adventures is heroine Milly and a mysterious mechanical doll named Giro. Milly works in the same assassin group as Sagi, while Giro meets up with Sagi during his quest to discover his origins. Namco hints there will be additional party members, including characters from the original Baten Kaitos.

Baten Kaitos II will feature new continents to explore, although players will also get to revisit towns and dungeons that were present in the original. The game will once again feature the unique "Magnus" card-battle system. A trailer of Baten Kaitos II will be on display at Tokyo Game Show 2005.

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