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Namco is putting its Tekken assassin into a game of her very own next year.


Namco has released a trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 2 Tekken offshoot, Nina. As previously reported, the game will be a third-person action game. The trailer doesn't reveal much about the gameplay and only barely hints at any sort of story, but the sequences shown certainly look pretty cool.

Aside from the obligatory orbital weapons platform preparing to fire, the trailer shows the blonde-haired, amnesiac assassin Nina Williams engaged in a few different activities. You first see her doing some arena fighting, taking on a man twice her size without any trouble. But the mood quickly changes away from the familiar, Tekken-like fighting setting as Nina makes a nearly impossible dive onto a passing cruise ship.

The trailer, which describes Nina as "the ultimate assassin," then moves on to show some gameplay. The game will be played from the third-person perspective, and it appears that you'll have multiple weapons at your disposal. One quick clip showed Nina vaulting over a foe's head and slashing out with two swords as she does so.

Nina, which is currently just a working title for game, is currently planned for a 2004 release in Japan. No plans for other territories have been announced at this time.

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