TGS 2002: Hands-onResident Evil 0

Another demo featuring the train area from Resident Evil 0 is on display at TGS.


Resident Evil 0

Capcom is displaying another Resident Evil 0 demo at its Tokyo Game Show booth, and like the demo released a few weeks ago, the build on display features the train area. However, the events that occur in this particular demo are actually quite different. Instead of being able to switch between Rebecca Chambers and the mysterious drifter Billy Cohen, you can play only as Rebecca as she starts to explore the train. When she walks into one of the main passenger areas, the game transitions to a CG cutscene, in which Rebecca takes a closer look at a passenger who appears to be dead. In true horror film style, the corpse moves its head and makes a horrible gurgling noise as it gets out of the chair and begins to meander toward Rebecca.

You're thrown right into combat, as a few other zombies also join the fray, forcing Rebecca to seek refuge on the other side of the car and take out the zombies from a distance. Once that's done, you can move into another room in the car and head toward the engine. However, as Rebecca investigates a body with a key that opens the door in the first car, Billy Cohen appears for the first time, pointing his gun straight at Rebecca's head. After a brief chat that establishes the general uneasiness between Rebecca and Billy (since she knows he's a criminal), Billy walks off and Rebecca follows, only to meet up with a mutilated S.T.A.R.S. team member who comes crashing through a window. As he gives his speech about zombies and other monsters infesting the forest, the trademark Resident Evil zombie dogs come crashing through the window. While you will have to kill the first zombie dog, you can easily run past the second one and back into the car where Rebecca first encountered the zombies.

At this point, she starts to hear radio chatter from the leader of S.T.A.R.S., who tells Rebecca that Billy was responsible for killing more than 20 people and that he was “institutionalized." After going through the door, Billy and Rebecca meet yet again, and they have the typical “I don't need your help” conversation, so Rebecca walks up the stairs and into a room where a man sits at a table that is partially on fire. Once again, Rebecca decides to stare at him, but instead of simply getting out of the chair, this particular zombie begins to melt into hundreds of little leech-like creatures before it re-forms into an even more menacing zombie. At this point, the demo ends.

Obviously, this demo was meant to reveal a little more of the storyline and some of the CG cutscenes that will be included in the final game, but it was disappointing not being able to play around in some of the different areas in the game. However, Capcom did show some of the other areas on video, including a mansion that looks incredibly similar to the one featured in the original Resident Evil.

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