TGS 2002: Final Fantasy I & II details

Square shows off its latest Final Fantasy remakes for the PlayStation.


Square showed off its latest Final Fantasy compilation in its booth at the Tokyo Game Show. The latest compilation for the PlayStation will include both Final Fantasy I and II. Both games will also be available seperately. Like Square's previous conversions to the PlayStation, the games will feature enhancements over the NES originals.

Like Square's previous PlayStation compilations of its Final Fantasy titles, both of the games will get a graphical face-lift. The most dramatic addition to the games is what Square and the modern Final Fantasy games have become known for since Final Fantasy VII--a CG intro, complete with original music. The remakes will also feature new arrangements of the original music.

In terms of content, both games will offer extra features such as an easy mode, an encyclopedia of monsters, and a gallery of illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. The games will also offer some extra features, most notably all-new event sequences that highlight pivotal parts of each game's story.

Final Fantasy I & II will be available this October in Japan. Details for a US release of the games have yet to be revealed.

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