TGS 2002: DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball trailer impressions

Tecmo shows off limited portions of its Dead or Alive-themed beach volleyball game.


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Tecmo is showing off a trailer for its upcoming sports game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball at the Tokyo Game Show. While the trailer doesn't seem to show off a ton of actual gameplay, it does show off a few of the features in the game and give a bit of the story behind this absurd fighting game spin-off.

The beginning of the trailer shows us that Zack was the winner of the Dead or Alive 3 tournament, and he apparently took his winnings to Vegas and parlayed them into an even larger stack of cash. With that money, he bought an island paradise, renamed it Zack Island, and opened a tropical resort. It's here that the "xtreme" beach volleyball takes place.

Most of the trailer focuses on showing the girls of Dead or Alive bouncing around on and off the volleyball court in a variety of bikinis. You will earn money in the game, and it can be used to purchase new bikinis and other accessories, such as hair ribbons, shoes, and suntan lotion.

The trailer goes on to show some actual volleyball, which, like the rest of the trailer, appears to be well animated. The ball physics look pretty realistic. It's difficult to get much of a sense of the gameplay, since the trailer seems to focus more on the girls interacting with one another. The trailer closes with one girl feeding another one of the girls a strawberry, sticking her finger into the girl's mouth in the process. To be honest, the whole thing feels a little creepy.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is scheduled to land on Japanese shelves on December 5.

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