TGS 2001 FallSuikoden III Hands-on

Konami's acclaimed RPG series heads to the PS2. We have our first hands-on impressions of the game.


Konami showed an early version of Suikoden III for the PlayStation 2 at the ongoing TGS 2001 Fall. The characters and environments are now in 3D, with minor usage of 2D in some of the special effects during battles. The game had frame rate issues, as the animation was still choppy. This demo only allowed players to pick one of the three main characters, Hugo, and wander around town and a limited field map. The camera is fixed, so although everything is in 3D, there are certain occasions when the player's view is hindered, especially in battles. Characters now earn skill points after each battle, though their purpose is not yet known.

We'll have more on the game in coming weeks. It is scheduled for a winter release in Japan.

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